Associate Membership

Would you like to show your work in a professional gallery but don’t have the time to gallery sit and volunteer for a committee? If so, we invite you to apply for an Associate Membership.

The Co-operative is prepared to accept original artwork from a wide range of disciplines. Applications will be evaluated on their artistic merit and feasibility for the exhibition space. Applications may be declined if the artwork is not sufficiently original, or overlaps significantly with the style or studio practice of the existing membership.

Associate Members pay a one time fee of $100 due with application, $100 per month with the gallery charging a 35% commission rate on sold work plus the POS and /or credit card fee (approx 2.75%). Please keep this in mind when pricing your work. Art work must be clean, undamaged and ready to hang or display.

Applying for Associate Membership

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Member of the Art District Gallery please provide:

 a letter of introduction

 a biography (one or two paragraphs that have to do with your experience or training as an artist.

 an artist statement (one or two paragraphs about the body of work you are presenting and the direction you anticipate your work is going).

 a link to an online portfolio, blog, website or face book with at least 7 high resolution images of your artwork.

Send all info to:

Our membership committee will review your application and if your art is a good fit for our gallery we will contact you for an interview to be held at your studio or home. We feel it is important to see your work environment. We have a reception every six weeks when we hang new art and encourage you to attend. Please be aware that the gallery does not insure your artwork.

Thank you for your interest in The Art District Gallery.