Steven Restagno

Steve RSteven Restagno is young artist currently enrolled in the fine arts program at the University of Waterloo. He aims to create pieces that are rich in both form and concept, and which highlight the beautiful aspects of life. Using primarily oil paint, his style explores different modes of abstract representation executed with fluid, dynamic forms and bold colours.

Having been greatly influenced by the outdoors as a child, Steven’s inspiration has always been deeply rooted in nature. He has since developed a visual language that toys with the interplay of natural and human elements.

“With every piece, I ai­­­m to push my boundaries. I believe that losing control is an essential part of my creative process. When I start a piece, I try to let go of the formal elements and allow my intuition and energy to flow freely. It’s only then that the piece can become something separate from myself. In order for me to channel this energy, I must be willing to work with this aspect of abstraction and allow it to reshape even the most fundamental aspects of my work. Then, my job for the remainder of the piece is always to reorganize the chaos.”

Restagno “Mirage” oil on panel, 30’x40′ 2017

Restagno, “Dragged” oil on panel, 6’x8′, 2016

Restagno, “Bourn” oil on panel, 24″x24′, 2017

Restano, “Pink Triangle” oil on panel, 22′ x 30′, 2016

Wondering if Steve’s painting would look good over your couch?
Check out this video to find out:

Steve 17