Sheila Trinkaus

Acrylic painter 

Sheila’s interest in the arts started early with pencil drawings, water-
colours and quickly progressed to oil and acrylics.

Throughout her life Sheila has had the opportunity to be both educated
in and work within a variety of mediums including silversmithing,
pottery, stain glass, silk screening and printmaking, but the draw back
to painting has always been strong. Sheila currently works mostly in

My current body of work includes two different yet related styles. One
is a stylized art-deco flavour, while the other has a more dramatic
theatrical style with an oriental edge. The female figure is the main
motif in both.

“I am inspired by the inner feelings and emotions of the human animal
and the intriguing world of reptiles and insects. Nature’s creativity
amazes me. I love the adventure of living and learning, and look
forward to every new turn.”

TRINKAUS “It’s all about the Birch…..'” Acrylic, 24′ X 18′, 2016

TRINKAUS “Kimono Clad” Acrylic on wood, 79′ X 15′

TRINKAUS “The Gaggle” Acrylic, 10×10

TRINKAUS “Lady with Fans” Acrylic on Canvas, 24′ X 30′

TRINKAUS “The Lady and her Swan” Acrylic on Canvas, 24′ X 30′