Roslyn Ramsay

Painter & Portrait Artist

Artist Statement

Water: Illusive Elements

Water is a mystery of changing patterns, energy, light and reflective surfaces that continues to capture my imagination. The translucency and visual depth created by light, plays a vital role in this illusive imagery.
My focus, recently, is the reflected trace elements and the fragmented images that spontaneously appear in various forms on fluid motion. Intriguing linear features appear juxtaposing surface wave patterns.
I intuitively convey these moments in time, through emotive brushwork, responding to the impulsive energy, reflected light and intangible images.
I feel a deep connection with nature and a need to explore these illusive elements, our coexisting relationship with nature while observing a changing environment.


Roslyn Ramsay, a Canadian visual artist, explores water’s energy and form from a new perspective. Her watercolour and acrylic paintings reflect nature and the natural esthetics of water conveying energy, transitions and transparencies in her expressive brushwork.
Her choice of media for landscape, waterscape and figurative work is varied and intuitively she explores coexisting relationships and interactions with nature with an imaginative twist.
Her approach to painting and the way she views life are drawn from her travel and experiences living on lakes in northern Ontario.
As a member of The Art District Cooperative Gallery she exhibits regularly and participates in many other exhibition venues throughout the Waterloo Region.
Roslyn’s portrait commissions display a unique understanding of her subjects and she has many works held in corporate and private collections in Canada, U.S. and Britain.

Glacier Uncertain Edges – Roslyn Ramsay

Pleased to Announce my painting “Glacier Uncertain Edges” has been chosen for the International Emerging Artists Exhibition at The WADEM Congress Art Show (World Assoc. for Disaster & Emergency Medicine) Toronto 2017.

Westin Harbour Castle Conference Centre – April 23 – 28 2017 Toronto




R.Ramsay “Translucent Shoreline” Acrylic on Canvas 36×46

R.Ramsay “Concurrent Motion” Acrylic on Canvas 18×24

R.Ramsay “Concurrent Enigma” Acrylic on Canvas 18×24