Roslyn Ramsay

Acrylic and watercolour painter

Roslyn Ramsay, a contemporary visual artist, merges an expressive and representational approach to her landscape and portraiture from her studio in Kitchener.

Northern experience, travel and interests in quantum science, has influenced her imaginative landscape narratives that explore themes of time, space, transformation and environmental change.
Her art is infused with a dichotomy of opposing forces in nature and display inherent elements of water creating an energy, transparency and movement in her work.

2013-2015, Roslyn has been artist in residence for the Sun Life Uptown Waterloo BIA Jazz Festival.
She began professionally in Graphic Design, photography and portraiture and has had several solo exhibitions, supported by the OAC Exhibition Assistance grant program.
Ramsay has commissioned portraits and paintings in private and corporate collections throughout North America and Britain.

β€œAn introspective approach, with an emphasis on discovery, stimulates experimental innovation in my use of acrylic, watercolour and other mixed mediums.”


Glacier Uncertain Edges – Roslyn Ramsay

Pleased to Announce my painting “Glacier Uncertain Edges” has been chosen for the International Emerging Artists Exhibition at The WADEM Congress Art Show (World Assoc. for Disaster & Emergency Medicine) Toronto 2017.

Westin Harbour Castle Conference Centre – April 23 – 28 2017 Toronto