nik harron

Acrylic Painter


For over 30 years nik has lived in both the graphic and fine art worlds, exhibiting in public, private and ad-hoc gallery spaces. His creative work spans several disciplines, but has focused in recent years on Canadian landscapes. He is well-known locally for his interactive art pieces – a common sight at local outdoor festivals.

His heavily textural approach to painting bridges the gap between traditional painting and sculpture.Due to the depth of the textures, the appearance of his paintings can appear to shift dramatically with the natural daily light cycle, creating an ever-changing, dynamic visual experience.

Thematically, his art explores the surface of the world as a mirror to the inner landscape, highlighting the fact that the most vivid realities of our lives are often hidden within impenetrable surfaces. In his own words:

“To experience a landscape is to feel a deeply spiritual sense of connection to one’s surroundings, and can lead to deeply personal, self-reflexive experiences that reinforce the complexity of our inescapable bond with our environment. It is only through quiet, careful contemplation of our place in nature that we can peel away the layers and take responsibility for our relationship to what we observe.”

Recently, his writing on nature has appeared in UTNE Reader, Alternatives Journal and The Goose.

HARRON “Lake after the rain” 2010 Acrylic on canvas 36x36in

HARRON “Requiem for a parking lot at Homer Watson and Bleams” 2012 Acrylic on panel 36x36in

HARRON “Looking up falling down In the gravity well” 2012 Acrylic on panel 30x60in

HARRON “Lake Huron Summer Storm Front” 36x36in acrylic on panel 2015