Maca Suazo


I have been surrounded, in the last two years, by books and academic articles while I write a thesis for my MA degree. It has been a long a process of learning, walking endless library halls. In this process I have come to love, truly love, libraries. I developed this series of works based on the idea of this love for libraries and books and to the feeling that “I could spend the whole day here, at the university library” walking through book shelves. While I pass through endless book stacks, looking for that one book that is going to magically solve my thesis predicament, I have learned to treasure this atmosphere. This is the essence that I would like to convey with this series of paintings: Library love. As one looks inside a book and outside and on the side while trying to find “NH 3675.FH, 2006.LN” (sort of code) I have come to love these mysterious numbers too. I have titled the big painting “Date due” given that I need to finish the thesis sooner rather than later, because as much as I would love to stay in the library hallways forever, one needs to move on. This is my hope: to create movement and capture the idea that things come to an end but in the process, one can discover love for books, articles, codes and libraries.


Maca Suazo has been interested in the artistic expression of emotion, movement and essence through the media of painting, literature and drama. She holds a diploma in Physical Theatre from La Mancha International School of Gesture and Image, in Santiago, Chile, and has acted professionally in both Chile and Canada. Since immigrating to Canada, she has increasingly dedicated herself to Visual Arts. She has exhibited and sold her work in Chile, Ireland and Canada. Suazo graduated in 2010 from Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo and is about to complete her Master of Arts in Latina American Literature at the University of Guelph.

Check out this video of Maca.

Maca Suazo “Orix and Crake a novel by Margaret Atwood” 30 x 30

Maca Suazo “When Pigs Fly”

Maca Suazo “Strawberry Fields Forever”

Maca Suazo “Reading the Amber Spyglass”