Liz Skelton

Liz Skelton is a Canadian artist, born in South Africa, and lives in Waterloo, Ontario.

Liz has always been interested in art; first as a teenager drawing mystical figures and then as a young stay-at-home mom where she found a passion for pottery. This passion turned into a thriving business and for 12 years Liz sold her pottery at local Cape Town markets, exporting to several out of country venues and participating in a regional ceramics art exhibition. Liz gave up pottery when the family immigrated to Canada in 1997.

Several years later Liz attended an art class presented by local artist Amy Ferrari. Amy’s love of art, her passion for color and her enthusiasm was all that Liz needed to kick start her in this new direction.

Liz started exploring color and as a self-taught artist she is inspired by the vitality and vividness of color and the optimism it portrays. Liz is an abstract artist who generally paints on larger canvases trying new techniques, creating different textures, shapes and movement using acrylics.

The approach Liz takes to her art is to let things happen with no preconceived ending but to enjoy the process, using colors that inspire at that moment. Liz seldom uses a brush and paints mainly with her fingers or whatever tools are on hand, building layer by layer and reacting to each dab and smear.

Liz’s work is vibrant and exciting and a feast of color.

Contact Info:
Cell: 519 897 2576