James Nye

Oil painter 

James Nye is a painter who employs traditional oil painting techniques
in both a careful and direct way. He works at translating very
complicated imagery so that what might be an ordinary scene is
transformed into something more. The results are almost abstract and
are reminiscent of the simple but intricate tangle of everyday life.
James was born in Kitchener and grew up in Ajax. After high school
he moved to Vancouver Island where a slow and steady process of
awakening took place. Within two years he was studying full time at
the Victoria College of Art and painting became a way of life. He has
since moved back to Ontario and Kitchener has been his home
since 2004.


“Departure II” James Nye – 8×8 oil

“Echo” James Nye – 8×7 oil

“Five Islands” James Nye – 18×18 oil

“Flowing South IV” James Nye – 16×16 oil

“Sentry” James Nye – 8×7 oil