Elvan Suzer

Elvan is a local multi-genre artist and instructor. She is experienced on many diverse art forms, including acrylic paintings, oil paintings, Encaustic (beeswax + oil colour), mixed media and sculpture (Paverpol – fabric sculpture) and Turkish traditional art called ‘EBRU’.

She teaches at her studio as well as Homer Watson Gallery and some retirement houses.

In her own culture the name that is given to a child represents her or his personality for the rest of her/his life. Elvan means ‘COLOURFUL’ in her own language and she lives the full extent of that meaning. She encountered with many different art mediums and decided that she needs to incorporate those different mediums to express her voice.

It’s her desire to show to people that art is not only a result, but it is also a process. She believes this process can awaken a person’s inner world and help spur out-of-the-box thinking.

Elvan is currently the Board Member at The Clay and Glass Gallery, a member of Advisory Council Committee of City of Waterloo and member of Public Art Committee of City of Waterloo.

Web: elvansuzer.com
Email: myart@elvansuzer.com

Gem – Elvan Suzer 16×20 acrylic and resin on canvas

Lava – Elvan Suzer 30×40 Ebru Art with Resin on canvas

Thoughts – Elvan Suzer 7×7 Encaustic on wood