How to become a Member

Applying for Membership

The Art District Gallery exhibits and supports local artists and art that is contemporary, original, fun, vibrant, unexpected and engaging. Members are expected to work together as a team and understand the importance of co-operative relationships. Each member must be available to staff the gallery, participate in openings, work on a committee and contribute to our exhibition guest list. Artists should present themselves and their art in a professional manner, have a strong on-line presence and be social media savvy. Submitted art needs to be finished and ready to hang.

At the present time, the ADG is not accepting photography, giclee or other reproductions, traditional realism drawings, paintings, or portraits, installation or performance art.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Art District Gallery please provide:

  • a letter of introduction and outline why you want to join the ADG and how you hope to contribute to the gallery
  • a biography (one or two paragraphs that have to do with your experience or training as an artist.
  • an artist statement (one or two paragraphs about the body of work you are presenting and the direction you anticipate your work is going).
  • a link to an online portfolio, blog or website with at least 7 high resolution images of your artwork.

Send all info to:

Our membership committee will review your application and if your art is a good fit for our gallery we will contact you for an interview to be held at your studio or home. We feel it is important to see your work environment. If we invite you to join our co-op gallery, we start off with a three month probationary period which allows the gallery members and yourself to get to know each other and for you to become familiar with gallery procedures. This gives you the opportunity to participate in two shows. We have a reception every six weeks when we hang new art. At the present time, the gallery takes a 20% commission on sold art plus nominal banking fees. A $100 non-refundable membership fee plus monthly dues of $60 are required. We collect two months at a time. Full time membership could be offered after the probationary period.

Thank you for your interest in The Art District Gallery.

To download all this information as a PDF: CLICK HERE