Guest Artists

Gary Barnett
(September 30 – November15)

After studying graphic design and fine art, he pursued a career in abstract painting. His style of painting is founded on the principal that all things in the universe are created by energy, affecting the chemistry that makes up the planet we share. By combining principals of design and science he uses vibration, air, water, and chemical interactions to control the paint, as opposed to brushes or other traditional painting tools.

He recently had a solo exhibition in Montreal with great success, and several shows in Toronto and the surrounding area.

“When I first began drawing and painting, like most artists I was inspired and motivated by nature. I began painting trees, landscapes and people. I soon came to realize that whether I created abstract or real images, I was still simply imitating life, rather than actually creating natural beauty. I started using forced air and chemical interactions to control the paint, as opposed to brushes, or other traditional painting tools. This technique was inspired by the way that nature creates natural beauty, for example frost on a window, rock formations or coral in the ocean. In essence, my goal is to create a natural event on the canvas, in a completely organic way. I work in harmony with the paint as opposed to totally controlling it, making the end result somewhat unpredictable, as life is, which for me makes the process more challenging and gratifying.”

Calling Local Artists!

So you’ve been busy creating an amazing collection of work that is contemporary, original, fun, vibrant, unexpected, and engaging.  And now, it’s time to figure out a plan for exhibiting your creations locally… You may have thought about joining a Cooperative Gallery, but don’t have the time to commit to meetings, committees, and gallery sitting…

Well, now there’s a new opportunity in store for you!

Art District Gallery, a Cooperative Gallery located in St. Jacobs, is now offering a guest artist exhibition space!  Artists with successful submissions will share a substantial section of wall and/or floor space with ADG’s talented collective of artists for a lengthy 6 weeks.  ADG exhibitions are well attended and are enlivened by live music and an art raffle, not to mention the sparkling personalities and amazing art of our membership.

At the present time, the ADG is not accepting photography; giclee (or other reproductions); traditional realism (drawings, paintings, portraits); installation art; or performance art.

Click Here to download the application!