About Us

Thanks for being curious about the ADG!
Here are some highlights about our co-op gallery:

  • The Art District Gallery opened its doors in May 2015 as a not-for-profit co-operative gallery. This means the gallery is run by all members. Each artist works about 10 hours a month and helps to promote a professional presence in the gallery and on-line.
  • New artists pay a one-time non-refundable $100 fee. Our monthly dues are $60 and our commission rate is 20%. These fees help with our operating costs.
  • Guest artists are invited to apply for gallery space for a period of six weeks which would coincide with our receptions. They have the opportunity to choose between paying a $100 fee with a 20% commission or a $70 fee with a 40% commission.
  • Art is curated and hung about every six weeks so artists will have to be making new art on a consistent basis or have an appropriate inventory to draw from. Our gallery supports regional artists who specialize in original contemporary art that is vibrant, unexpected and inspiring.
  • An opening reception is held on a Thursday or Friday night to celebrate our new work. All artists contribute by bringing in appetizers for our refreshment table.
  • We use Facebook, Google Drive and email to keep in touch with our members. Each artist will work on one or more committees. Presently they are: Marketing, Membership, Scheduling, Facilities and Reception, Curation and Installation and Special Events.
  • We have a Board which consists of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.
  • Our member’s meetings take place once a month. These are casual and a great place to share info, ideas and keep everyone up to date. Minutes are taken and sent out via email.
  • If a member needs to take a leave of absence we have a policy in place so the artist can take a break without leaving the gallery.

Please visit our Membership (or email newmembers@artdistrictgallery.org) and Guest Membership (or email guestartists@artdistrictgallery.org) pages on our website and like us on Facebook!